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This watches is perfect for kids and teenagers

Ask for help when needed

Panic button in case of emergency. Your child will be able to press the SOS button “for 3 seconds” of his GPS watch to communicate with the emergency numbers. These numbers have been configured via the application. It is possible to specify 3 emergency numbers. If there is no answer at the first number, the watch will then dial the 2nd number, then the 3rd, the wheel will stop when a person answers.

GPS location. Using the application, you can locate your child with the help of Google map. You will also get information about the charge level of the battery, but also the signal level and the approximate address where your child is located. *

Virtual fence. You will be able to determine, via the application, a virtual barrier. For example, you can limit the distance of your child to 100 meters from your residence. If he or she exceeds the distance you have programmed, you will be notified on your cell phone and you will be able to communicate with your child to ensure that everything is fine and that the rules are being respected.

Like a cell phone

Like a real phone. You can call your child, who will be able to answer you directly through the watch. You can, with the help of the application, determine which phone numbers are allowed to contact your child. Your child can also communicate with you. There are two buttons “1 and 2” and you can assign to them the numbers of your choice.

Location History. Inside the application, you can have a history of your child’s whereabouts.

Pedometer and other features. There is a pedometer to see how many steps your child takes in one day. Of course, a watch with a numeric display allowing easy reading of the time. The opportunity to send little hearts to your child to congratulate him.

Compatible with 2G Network

The watch is a cell phone because it is possible to make and receive calls. It is therefore necessary to have a cellular package. Compatible vendors include Rogers, Fido and Videotron.

* It is, unfortunately, impossible to have GPS accuracy to the nearest millimeters. There may be a margin of error of a few meters.. Source Wikipédia


Dimension: 45 x 32 x 13 mm
Weight: 35.1 grams
Battery: 320 mAh
Standby time: 48 hours
Battery life usage: upcoming
SIM Card Type: Micro SIM
Physical button: 1 (power + SOS button) + 1 (phone 1) + 1 (phone 2)
Screen: 0.66 ”
Port: Powered for charging via USB cable
Camera: No
Supported Networks: 2G / GSM (Rogers, Fido, Vidéotron)
Water resistance: IP67 certified, ie 6 = dustproof, 7 = Protected against the effects of temporary immersion (up to 1 m).
Bracelet: Silicone Food Grade


Telephone function: Send and receive calls
Listening function: Remote monitoring of the watch environment
SOS function: Emergency calling
Do Not Disturb Function: Yes
White list: Yes
Virtual Fence Function: Yes
Pedometer: Yes
Voice messages: Yes
Telephone Directory: No
Clock: Digital and Analog
Alarm: Yes


GPS location accuracy: 5 – 20 meters
Localization accuracy WIFI indoor: no applicable
LBS location accuracy: 100 – 1000 meters
Refreshing the position: 1 minute / 10 minutes / 60 minutes


Application Name: SeTracker
Apple Compatibility: Phone and tablet
Android Compatibility: Phone and Tablet
Windows Phone compatibility: No
Blackberry Compatibility: No / yes if Android


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